TifTuf Bermuda Revives Wellman Golf Course Community

The revival of the Wellman Country Club in Johnsonville, South Carolina, has brought a much-needed boost to the rural community. The use of blue-tag certified TifTuf Bermuda has played a great part in its reopening. The club had fallen into disrepair and underwent a significant renovation towards creating a premier golfing destination that would attract both local players and visitors from afar. 

TifTuf Bermuda Revives Wellman Golf Course

One key element of the renovation was the selection of turfgrass for the fairways, roughs, and tees. The club chose to use TifTuf Bermudagrass, provided by Sodstar (formerly Buy Sod). TifTuf, is known for its superior quality, durability, and drought-friendliness, making it an ideal choice for golf course applications. 

By choosing TifTuf, the Wellman Country Club ensured its playing surfaces would be of the highest standard. “Golfers will be able to play the ground game and the aerial game. Shorter hitters can have a way to get to the green and the longer hitters can have a challenge,” says Rees Jones, the landscape architect who redesigned the course. “There are five sets of tees, allowing the par-72 course to be played from around 5,300 to 7,250 yards.” The use of TifTuf has helped to enhance the environmental sustainability of the course, as it requires less water and maintenance than other turfgrass varieties. 

The revitalization of the Wellman Country Club has not only improved the quality of life for residents but has also provided a significant economic boost to the community. “A lot of people used to come here to play the game, but also to celebrate weddings, birthdays, and other family events,” he says. “Sometimes people just come for lunch. It’s a social gathering spot, just like the public golf courses at Torrey Pines in San Diego or Bryan Park in Greensboro. I had a very emotional connection with this project – my wife grew up in a town just like Johnsonville, and the public golf course there was where everyone came together to hang out. So I know what a club like this can mean for the whole community.” The club attracts more players and hosts larger events, bringing in additional revenue and supporting local businesses. 

Overall, the use of TifTuf Bermudagrass at the Wellman Country Club has been a resounding success, demonstrating the value of sustainable blue-tag-certified, natural turf grass in revitalizing golf courses and benefiting rural communities. Read the full article on the golf club renovation and everyone involved here.