Tall fescue
Tall fescue

Select Tall Fescue

Select Tall Fescue offers year-round green! Select is a premium mixture of 90% turf-type tall fescue and 10% Kentucky bluegrass, custom blended with advanced cultivars with excellent drought recovery, exceptional shade tolerance and improved resistance to brown patch.
  • Green Year-RoundGreen Year-Round
  • Drought TolerantDrought Tolerant
  • Cold TolerantCold Tolerant
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Attributes and Benefits

  • checkTop-performing mixture each year = peace of mind.
  • checkExcellent shade tolerance = versatile.
  • checkSuperior drought and traffic recovery = less reseeding.
  • checkImproved disease resistance = fewer fungicide inputs.
  • checkCool-season grass mixture = green year-round.
  • checkCool-season variety suited for Hardiness Zones 6A, 6B, 7A and 7B.

Best Uses

  • Landscape: moderate to high-maintenance lawns and commercial landscapes, particularly in shaded areas.
  • Parks and cemeteries.
  • Golf: roughs.

Best Management Practices

  • Sunlight Requirement: Best performance with 4 to 6 hours of sunlight.
  • Mowing: Best maintained at 2.0″ to 4.0″ mowing height (rotary mower).
  • Fertility: Recommended 3 to 4 lbs. N/1,000 ft2 /year, applied in fall and early spring (do not fertilize in late spring or summer).
  • Irrigation: Performs best with 1″ of water per week, especially in summer. May require more in sandier soils during extended dry periods.
  • Weed Control: All herbicides labeled for use on turf-type tall fescue and bluegrass can be safely applied to SodStar’s Select. Preemergents should be applied in early spring to control crabgrass and other summer annual weeds. Always follow label instructions.
  • Disease Control: Tall fescue can be susceptible to brown patch. Treat preventatively on high-end properties during summer months or curatively (as needed) on low-maintenance applications. Always follow label instructions.
  • Insect Control: All insecticides labeled for use on turf-type tall fescue and bluegrass can be safely applied to SodStar’s Select. Monitor for white grubs in spring and summer, and control accordingly. Always follow label instructions.
  • Rejuvenation:May require reseeding in fall to repair high-traffic or bare areas.


A top-performing lawn and commercial utility turf, Select Fescue/ Blue exhibits major advantages over other tall fescue blends. First, while most tall fescues are notoriously susceptible to brown patch, Select Fescue/Blue boasts varieties with the best resistance to this turf-disfiguring pathogen. Also, the bluegrass component is carefully chosen to provide a level of wear tolerance and recovery not found with straight fescue. This means superior recovery from traffic and drought due to the bluegrass’ extensive underground rhizomes. All these benefits provide the beautiful, year-round-green lawn you expect from tall fescue. 

Sold exclusively in the Carolinas and Virginia by SodStar, Select is, hands down, the best-performing fescue/blue mixture available on the market.

SodStar’s Quality Assurance

Blue Tag Certified

Blue Tag Certified

All of our sod has met the bar for genetic purity and uniformity.

Choosing certified sod is the only way you can be certain that the variety you receive is exactly what you purchased. SodStar produces only “Blue Tag” certified Select Fescue/Blue sod in accordance with state certification standards and protocols, ensuring genetic purity and uniformity, and a certification tag accompanies every order.


Select Fescue/Blue sod is specially formulated each year with top-performing varieties that have exhibited resistance to typical stresses such as drought, insects and disease.


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