Product Spotlight on TifBlair Centipedegrass

Centipedegrass is beloved for its easy upkeep, but many landscapes need a variety with better cold tolerance. Enter TifBlair, specially designed to thrive in the middle and eastern regions of Virginia.

Benefits of TifBlair Centipedegrass

Developed by renowned turfgrass geneticist Dr. Wayne Hanna at Georgia’s Coastal Plains Experiment Station, TifBlair was the first certified centipede variety. This means it boasts superior genetics while retaining all the desirable centipedegrass traits:

– Slow growth that reduces the need for frequent mowing
– Thick growth that naturally suppresses weeds
– Minimal fertilizer requirements

Thanks to its deep root system, TifBlair handles harsh conditions better, offering improved cold and drought tolerance compared to common centipede grass. It also maintains its green color longer into the fall. With fewer inputs and its natural resilience, TifBlair is the eco-friendly, low-maintenance choice — a win-win for all.

SodstarPRO, a pioneer in TifBlair cultivation in the Carolinas, offers high-quality, low-maintenance TifBlair centipedegrass sod. For a lush, hassle-free lawn, choose Sodstar as your TifBlair source.