Plan Now for Spring Sodding

Even though we are just entering the cold season, if you’re considering new sod for your lawn in the spring, the time is now to plan and prepare! Though you might not be able to begin the actual process, there are several steps you can begin before prep and installation!

Herbicide, Soil, and More

If you have grass on your lawn already, you’ll need to plan to apply an herbicide several weeks ahead of new sod installation. You’ll want to leave plenty of time in the event you need an additional application. You’ll also need time to prepare the soil for sod installation, so be sure to work backward from your installation date to have time to create the best foundation for your new sod to thrive!

Use Our Sod Calculator & Measuring Guide

Having an accurate measurement of the area you need to cover is also important in planning and budgeting for your lawn makeover. You’ll need a good map of the space you’re covering, with landscape features carved out for the most accurate estimate. Our measurement tool can help you finetune your plan.

Finally, you’ll need to find the best variety for your use and location. Some factors that influence that decision can include; climate zone, traffic level, shade, precipitation/irrigation, appearance, and maintenance requirements. Our TifTuf Bermudagrass is both cold-tolerant and drought-tolerant, so it’s a great option for those who need to be water-wise. SodStar Pro is also the ONLY distributor in the nation of Prizm Zoysia Grass, which was developed to create a more sustainable tee-to-green grass that requires lower inputs while providing superior aesthetics. There are many considerations when searching for the best fit for your lawn. The professionals at SodStar are always ready to help you make your dream lawn become a reality! Contact us today to learn more.