About Us

SodStar Pro grows more turfgrass varieties than any other sod grower in the Carolinas or Virginia, thanks to our widespread network of sod farms spanning thousands of acres across a range of hardiness zones and soil types. Our all-encompassing roster includes traditional cultivars for turf managers wishing to stick to the tried-and-true, as well as newer next-generation grasses, for those seeking improved performance and aesthetic characteristics. No matter what type of site you manage — golf course, sports field, lawn/landscape, commercial property, park, cemetery or roadside right-of-way — we have your best turfgrass solution. 

Equally important, our advanced routing system fast-tracks your order for rapid delivery even on short notice. Upon delivery confirmation and routing, we email to you a delivery notification with the expected arrival time and a link to a GPS system where you can track exactly where your sod is in route.  

Our Mission


Here at SodStar Pro, our mission is to empower people to fulfill their passion. To cultivate a competitive edge by producing superior products delivered with world-class service on demand. To be a world leader in growing people, empowering passion, and delivering expertise to build legacies that last generations.

Our History

SodStar Pro was originally established in 2002 under the brand name “Buy Sod” and thrived on its unwavering commitment to producing top-quality, certified sod varieties. Over the years, it evolved into a multi-state agribusiness with improved sod varieties spanning thousands of acres. Our turfgrass expertise has been sought after by professionals in the landscape, golf, and athletic field market segments across the Southeast. To further bolster our mission of sustained growth and delivering unparalleled service, the SodStar brand was introduced in 2016, initially focusing on the transportation and logistics facet of the business. Now, SodStar Pro continues to prove itself as the professional’s source. 

Information on certifications

SodStar Pro’s branded, high-performance varieties have been thoroughly tested in research trials, with proven qualities that deliver dependable results. All of our cultivars are grown under rigorous certification protocols, ensuring the genetic purity and integrity of whichever turfgrass you select. SodStar Pro proudly conforms to blue tag certification standards. Blue tag certification confirms the sod purchased is true-to-type, and contains no alternative grass varieties, perennial grasses, or noxious weeds at the time of inspection. Before a field can even be considered for Blue Tag Certification, it must meet stringent pre-planting specifications, and after the turfgrass is grown, it must undergo inspection three times a year by third-party assessors.